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– [ ] Pray Alynna’s mass in her neck is not cancerous, surgery goes well, surgeon’s knowledge, quick healing, nice scar.
– [ ] Pray for healing for Peter’s health
– [ ] pray for salvation: Asia Tupac Peter Philip Sam Christian Kate Matthew dynasty Jaz Danny Evelyn Fili Brittany Elijah gigi Corina Owen alynna tokyo Nicky Gerald Monica Rita Yolanda Martha Benny Markie Phoenix Simon Karla Tom lil Sam luci luch rachee Ryan Lupe Kennedy jo brenna Alicia victor tony Lupita Miriam Yvette & suarez family & Christian’s roommates/friend’s/coworkers.
– [ ] pray Nicky & alynna do well in college, protection, lord’s guidance, growing in Christ, a Christian boyfriend, good car, good friends, success & blessings
– [ ] Pray for the Lord’s guidance for Christian.Pray he learns how to hear God clearly with understanding & to be Obedient. Pray for better communication skills & protection against evil. Pray for protection while riding motorcycle & driving. Pray God provides healing & a Christian girlfriend.
– [ ] pray over my finances, blessings, i can provide for my family, fix my house & to give to God.
– [ ] pray for complete healing over: Philip,Christian,Suarez,Gigi,Sam,Tokyo,Owen,kristi,Miriam & Nicky’s mental health, Rita’s eyes from blindness ,Monica-health,alynna-health, ray-alcoholism, Peter’s health, sam-O.D.D., my health & anxiety.
– [ ] Pray Asia, Danny & Gigi can examine their hearts, let the Lord guide them to search & reveal anything that is not of them or holy & that they may be set free from that evil! Pray for healing & they can hear God clearly & reconcile. Pray to change Gigi’s worldly ways, she stops smoking weed, seeks God & opens the Bible & follow Him!
– [ ] Pray my non believer ex Philip moves on permanently,stops obsessing,lying, seeking revenge & controlling us. pray the lord keeps protecting us from his attacks. Protect all people from his schemes. Pray the doctors can prescribe correct medications to help his mental illness. his family stops enabling & making excuses for him. Pray God will do whatever it takes to stop all unhealthy unsafe behaviors towards us! Pray he never attempts to permanently hurt me. Pray for his salvation.
– [ ] pray for complete healing over my relationship with my ex in-laws & they hear & see the Lord & the Lord gives them guidance & courage for them to stand up for what is holy.
– [ ] Pray the Lord returns soon & we are all prepared. Pray all the pastors deliver the message of the gift of salvation & warnings to everyone who needs to hear the Word. Pray all our pastors are protected from the enemy. Pray for guidance & strength for us to live our lives prepared for His return so we are not caught out of place. help those who are not saved that Christ reveals Himself to ALL nonbelievers. break whatever has control over their hearts that takes them away from knowing God, demolish the strongholds in their minds that those sins have allowed. Pray walls are broken so they have the ability to see God is real. Help them see their need for a Savior, to know they must confess their sins, repent, believe & live a fruitful life. Help them choose God’s gift of grace to believe with their hearts. Pray no one should perish!
– [ ] pray Lupe/Becky/Philip continue to stay away & for continued protection against their schemes. Pray God provides healing over us. Thank God for providing protection, praise Jesus!!! Pray for their salvation.
– [ ] Pray kids are protected by God & not seduced by this world & it’s evilness. Pray God guides them & draws them close to him & I’m guided to raise my kids in the way of the Lord & He surrounds my children with believers & blessings that line up with the Lord’s will!
– [ ] pray Kennedy/Evelyn can see clearly, be honest, real, sincere & reconcile & for protection against the evil influence by their non believer parents. Pray for their salvation & protection against their parents worldly ways.
– [ ] Pray Elijah continues to stay strong in speaking up for what is right. Pray for his salvation & for a Christian girlfriend.
– [ ] Pray God always brings light to all the evil doings of: gigi Aimee Philip Danny Nike Nathaniel Asia Aliyah Lupe luci Kristi Miriam Yvette Becky Nicky Sam Lilly joe ken Karla Sharon Cindy Stacy gallardos Suarez’s & any hidden enemy. Pray God shows them that he is real & they become believers & change their evil ways & pick to have love in their hearts instead of so much hate. May God protect everyone around them from their wickedness. Let all my enemies be ashamed & greatly troubled;Let them turn back & be ashamed suddenly Psalm 6:8-10.
– [ ] Pray God continues to protect my 2 adopted girls from their biological parents who are drug addicts, incarcerated & did evil things. Pray my 2 adopted boy’s biological family don’t attempt to ruin our family, their Christian faith & their future success. Pray the boys go to college, can stand up for their faith & aren’t influenced negatively by them. Pray Sharon doesn’t start any drama & people see thru her. God continues to protect all my children & our family, praise Jesus!
– [ ] Pray Beatrice is Blessed with a Godly man who is a true spiritual leader, loving husband & father figure & provider.
– [ ] Pray rica is provided the resources to raise all 3 of her children. Guide her to raise them in the ways of Lord. Pray emil can examine his heart, let the Lord guide him to search & reveal anything that is not of him & that he may be set free from that evil! Pray he can hear God clearly, rededicate his life & reconcile with his kids.

Pray that the Lord protects us from the sociopath neighbor suarez. Pray their aggression, obsession, bullying, ignorance, hypocrisy, stalking, slander, lies, manipulation, evilness, gaslighting & hatred just stop. Pray they stop looking thru my windows, it’ll be SAFE to go outside & Kristi stops harassing everyone that comes to my house. Let the Lord guide them to search & reveal anything that is not holy & that they may be set free from that evil. Pray they move away if they can not be delivered from their evil nature. Pray their kids don’t inherit their parents evilness. Pray they can see clearly that what they do has no merit & whatever is in the dark be brought to light. Open the eyes & protect everyone in the neighborhood & the citizens of riverside from their evil schemes. Pray For their salvation.

1 Thessalonians 5:17
“Pray without ceasing.”

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