Lord, What Do I Do, Now?

Lord, I’ve confessed my sin of marrying this man You told me not to. I married for wrong reasons. Now, my shame, guilt, and regret is constantly in my sight in the form of this man. He says he’s saved but it goes no further. The constant lies, the illegal activity to pay for bills, … Continue reading “Lord, What Do I Do, Now?”

Help in life

Dear god i come to you wholeheartedly this past year in my life has tooling a toll on me I have a 7year old daughter who’s father have been lock away in jail for the last 8year we are trying to keep faith for a early release but it just seem to be no light … Continue reading “Help in life”

Prayers for Divine Favor

Hello All, I am in desperate need of intercessory prayer as I am scheduled to appear in court for an arraingment on 06/22/2022, they are offering me a “mandatory” jailtime of 15 days. I have 4 children that have no one to care for them, I also have a decent paying job that I may … Continue reading “Prayers for Divine Favor”

Family (Ohana)

My husband Earl myself Hari-Lynn and our 11 grown children our baby Elijah graduates May 27 from Hawaiian Charter high school, our 30 grandchildren to be all used for the Glory of the Lord That we will go out into the World as family or individually and share the gospel daily. Give us the boldness … Continue reading “Family (Ohana)”


I can ask to be prayed about in most categories. I love God. He’s my everything. I’m losing hope. I’m alone except for him and my dog. I’m obese, I don’t go anywhere because of it. I have no support system since I won’t go to church due to my obesity and also car issues. … Continue reading “Helpless”


Please pray and come to an agreement that God bless me with a job that I could take the feet of Jesus so His gifts and power could manifest through me in Florida. God restore honor and respect in my name in the US and internationally. Albert is delivered from stubbornness and fear. We both … Continue reading “URgent”

Unity and Peace

I pray for unity in the church that there is one God in the form of the trinity and we are to love God with all our heart, mind and soul. To love our neighbors ourselves. We are different on the outside but on the inside those who believe in Jesus that he is God, … Continue reading “Unity and Peace”

Becoming heartless

As I sit here trying to find the words to say. I realize I was going to be asking for prayer for broken relationships . But after thinking about it and the situation I faced last night I come to know for prayer in a complete different category. I ask for prayer for who I … Continue reading “Becoming heartless”

Tammy’s Breakthrough

My family and our relationship be healed, whole, restored, mended, united back better than it’s ever been before with unconditional love. Daughter comes to senses and heart is turned back to family and home. Marriage is healed and whole and love respect honor each other and love unconditionally. Healed of Lupus and all sicknesses, diseases, … Continue reading “Tammy’s Breakthrough”

Feeling overwhelmed

My husband has been in the hospital for 6 weeks. He has a lot of health issues. I am feeling overwhelmed by all of it. I am mentally drained. All I think about is how I am going to take care of him when he comes home and work fulltime. How I am the only … Continue reading “Feeling overwhelmed”

Pray For My Wife

I’ve been a Christian for many years and got married in 2016. Although my wife grew up in a Christian home (her father was a pastor until he retired in 2018), she has turned away from the faith, rebelled against Him and still refuses to accept Christ as her Lord and Savior. The biggest reason … Continue reading “Pray For My Wife”

Prayers for the 110 millions Filipino and the 67.5 Millions Registered Voters to Vote Wisely

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, the son of the father, send now your spirit over the Filipino People, and let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all the 110 millions population and especially to the 67.5 millions registered voters that will cast their votes on May 9, 2022 elections, that these people maybe preserved … Continue reading “Prayers for the 110 millions Filipino and the 67.5 Millions Registered Voters to Vote Wisely”

Prayers of Gratitude

Dear God Almighty, I come before your throne, pray and only to say that thank you very much for giving our beloved Vice-President Leni Robredo and her team full support, compassionate assistance, wisdom, courage, blessings, full protection where ever she goes and do a Grand People’s Rally. thank you for providing VP Leni huge supports … Continue reading “Prayers of Gratitude”


I need prayers in general, our family has hit a rough patch and I need peace that surpasses all understanding. We need prayers for guidance and clarity. My husband was let go today due to lack of work at his job so he now needs to find a new job. We have debt that we … Continue reading “Guidance”

healing and blessing

Dear Sir Slam! Dear sir slam in the Holy name of Jesus Christ sir my name is Simon Pervaiz Sir I am facing many hurdles and diseases in my life like Brain Pain, weakness, my brain in not working properly and memory is so slow even I can’t remember the word of God, Body weaknesses, … Continue reading “healing and blessing”


Here is the update Anita sent on her son Greg’s latest assignment with the mission where he works, European Initiative. It sounds very dangerous to me. I know you believe in prayer: Greg will leave India where he has been on a mission trip. Wednesday he will fly to Budapest to lead a group of … Continue reading “Safety”

Step son

Heavenly Father God, in Jesus name I pray. And calling all prayer warriors. In Your light, shine on me and give me continuous peace. In Your love, I live daily. In Your Divinity, give me protection from the enemy and the forces of darkness. In Your Grace, give me compassion. In Your Mercy, let me … Continue reading “Step son”

Oh Lord!

Lord, I am 31 weeks and in the middle of having to move next weekend. there’s so much packing and cleaning to do and the realtor people we’ve been dealing with seem so shady, will not response back to us, grossly overcharged us with inflated prices and have a huge lump some of our money … Continue reading “Oh Lord!”

Constantly stressed

I’m always stressed with my business. It supports my family well, but I am always stressed out and simply want to enjoy life and provide a life for my family so they can enjoy everything this world has to offer too. I want my kids and wife to get the most happiness and fulfillment out … Continue reading “Constantly stressed”

God’s Provision

Heaven Father I thank you for allowing me to see today. Lord I come humbly requesting your provision. Lord there are so many question marks in my life and I have gotten filled with so much fear and anxiety. I ask that you forgive me, for you have not given me the spirit of fear. … Continue reading “God’s Provision”


Good morning to all prayer warriors. Lord, send your holy angels to protect and send the Russian troops home. God, feel their heart with love , compassion, and put down their weapons against their fellow man. Let your will be done for Ukraine. Save their independence and from destruction by the evil one. Rebuke you … Continue reading “Protection”

Emotional Damage

My girlfriend Marie from Oregon is having a difficult life because her parents kick her out of the house for not taking their dog on a walk, file a restraining order on her and is homeless. She is looking for a job to make money to rent an apartment until we see each other in … Continue reading “Emotional Damage”


Please dear Lord watch over us as I know you do no matter what and we put our faith in you Father Almighty . I am so grateful for the blessings in this life you have given us . Please bless everyone that needs help . Please help those who are lost find their way. … Continue reading “Prayers”


I have been raising my grandson since he was 10 months old. He is almost 5 now. I have no legal rights to him. His mother has had many relationships, and often drinks and does drugs. She spends no time with him which breaks my heart. I have been praying that she would let me … Continue reading “Grandson”


please pray for i opened a shop of which i am currently selling clothes, i really need God’s intervention , please pray for me for more grace for my business to grow as i intend to quit my job and continue with my business… secondly pray for me and my family we own a house … Continue reading “GOD’S INTERVENTION”