Prayer to Pass and Top the Licensure Examination for Teachers

by Fe (Davao Del Sur)

Dearest Heavenly Father,

Thank you for for guiding us everyday. Thank you for allowing me to finish my chosen course. Thank you for being with me as I prepared for these new challenge of my life, the Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teacher.

Lord, guide me as I take the exam this 27th day of September, 2015. Guide my heart, mind, and hands as I choose for the best and correct answer on the test. Protect me from unnecessary stress that may hinder me in answering the test correctly. Don’t allow mental block to block my way to success. Father, help me pass and be one of the topnatchers in the upcoming LET.

Lord, I pray and declare that I will pass and top the LET. I declare Lord, that all of my friends, classmates, and co-reviewees will pass the LET. Lord, I claim success not just for me, but for all LET takers.

Lord, guide and help me in answering all the questions in the exam correctly. Lord, help me pass and top the LET September 2015. Lord, make me an inspiration to other children for them to work hard in their studies and in life. Thank You so much, Father.


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