Prayer to help my dad

by Bill (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

I pray for to my God for my dad’s health. He needs your healing to help him battle the several illnesses he has. Please give him hope and love as he loves you very much. Please God, help my dad in his time of need.

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  1. Pray for my dad who is in deep trouble

    I pray that my dad’s problem will all go away. He has given so much for the company that he is working for and does not deserve this kind of punishment. Please help my dad to conquer all of the problems he is facing and help him be strong. He is not taking it too well, at his age he is supposed to be relaxing and enjoying your wonderful creations. Please help him and guide him. Amen.

  2. Prayer for a dad

    I pray that my dad stops abusing us with his words. To get back on his medication that he stopped. It’s dangerous to abruptly stop taking something that was making him feel better. I pray for my dad to be at peace. Calm his soul. Many prayers his way to feel his family wrap their loving arms around him. To stop him from saying bad things. Amen

  3. Please help my dad

    Please help my dad. How can this happen to the most honest, loving person i have ever known? Please help to stop the bleedibg so he can go home. Please find the cause of this.

  4. Please help my dad with his battle of his mental health lord

    God only knows the constant battles my family has seen my dad who is usually so strong since I can remember …but with physical health very bad…He has been hospitalized…now what he has tried so hard not to lose his mind is happening. ..and I can’t describe to pain seeing such a strong man turn child like is doing to us all…we all have families so is so difficult to try and juggle being with him..he never wanted to get to this point…with is heartbreaking. ..truly. ..please help him lord……………All we want is peace…..even with sedation he can’t rest his brain….I’m begging and praying for his suffering to end…I’m not strong myself. …….We all need ur love and peace lord….in jesus name………..amen

  5. pray for my dad health

    i pray to God pls help my Dad to get recover and heal from the diseases he have.pls help him i.ll be very thankful of u God i.ll do anything you want just give me my Dad just recover him please i beg u.i have total faith in you pls just hsave my Dad

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