Prayer to Get My Dream Job and Be Successful

by Letitia (Namibia)

Dear God, the creator of the universe. I kindly ask YOU, to give me my dream job as I have applied for this week. You know that it is my hearts desire to get a job in the academy, and you know my reasons. I know, that if YOUR hand is in the application, then the appointment, everything will go well.

Dear God, I promise to announce my thankfulness also on this site, so that the world can again become aware of your greatness. You never left me, you were always somewhere, sometimes, It doesn’t feel like that, but looking back on my life, the evidence is there, YOU were there al the time. I thank you for that.

I don’t deserve anything from You Dear Lord, but I am asking through your kindness. thank you MY LOrd, for being there and keeping your promises.

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