Prayer to forgive

by Le (Dubai)

I was planning to marry my Muslim boy friend of more than 2 years. Everyday he asked me to marry him, but considering that I am older than him ,I was not in a hurry. We have our ups and downs and when we have misunderstandings or fights, he would say bad words to insult me and so i always keep quiet for days before I will talk to him again.One time, when we were not talking for a few days, he started to change in a way that when I visited him he was acting strangely and telling me to go. i was suspecting something and later I found out that he was cheating me with an old lady on the net. I talked to him about the relationship but he told me that it’s too late and that we are finished. i cried, felt sad, angry and got depressed. i don’t know what to do. I keep on praying, but one day I’m ok the next I was having palpitations. I have to talk to friends about the problem then as I can’t keep it to myself anymore and that is when he got angry and told me that he doesn’t love me anymore and that he loves the lady on the net whom he chatted for only 8 weeks. Now he is going with her overseas and she sent him money and all the support. i am so hurt, but he refuse to accept that he cheated me, although 3 days after I catched him chatting with tis lady, he asked me to forgive him but the next day he was still with her until now. I see him everyday in our work place. I tried to avoid him many times and am quiet, but he disturbs me and tells me that he loves the lady and many things to make me more hurt and jealous. I plan to live the my work, so he will not be able to disturb and see me again. And I have been applying for work, but can’t find one. I want to go away to move on fast, because if I see him her everyday, my heart beats fast and anger comes. One more, he is going on May to visit her in Uk and because of all her good promises to her, he will marry her for the futurte. He said it is his opportunity. I’m afraid that when he goes and enjoys with this lady, I will not be able to have the peace of mind.I pray that he will not go on with his wrongful ways of lying to his parents, lying to me and all of the people here in our work place. I pray that he will open his mind and not be disillusioned by all this old lady’s promises of a good future for him. I ray that he will not be proud and that he will go back to be the prayerful and good man that he was, honest and true.I ask to be healed and that I will be guided by God to make the right decisions and not accept fear and defeat. I pray that I will have the peace of mind and love back to my heart and forgive him and this lady.This I ask in Jesus name. Amen

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