Prayer to be Relieved of the Stomach Flu

No sickness can stand in Your Presence Lord. And we are Your Beloved of men. Those who are saved into Your Eternal Kingdom.

Thank You Lord for the Power and Authority that You give us Lord to rebuke sickness and illness in our midst. So now we take that Power and Authority and command you stomach flu, aching in the stomach to go in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! Hyper-acidity go now in the Name of Jesus!

Fluid levels return to normal in the Mighty Name of Jesus.
Appetite return and all affected body parts we command you to normalize and function properly with out defect or injury or illness. In the Name of Jesus!

We overthrow satan and his plans for sickness in my body and command you satan take your hands off of us now in Jesus Resurrected Name we pray cause by His stripes we are healed!!!

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