Prayer Request for job situatiion

by Diana ()

My name is Diana and can you please pray for my job situation. On December 19, 2022, we welcomed a new manager, Sebastian Head, whose leadership style has unfortunately brought turmoil into my work life. Despite previous positive experiences under leaders like Dale, John, and Nicole, Sebastian’s approach has been markedly different. I find myself facing unfair treatment, encountering false statements in my performance reviews, and enduring a hostile work environment where I feel singled out.
There was a incident yesterday,

I am currently facing a situation that is both unexpected and distressing, and I am seeking God’s intervention for clarity and justice.

Yesterday, I received an email from my manager, Sebastian, which contains accusations about my conduct at work. These statements were not only surprising but are also false. I have always endeavored to maintain a professional demeanor at the office. My colleagues, with whom I shared the contents of this email, were equally shocked as they haven’t observed the behavior described by Sebastian. Throughout my time at the University since 2019, I have had harmonious relationships with all my coworkers and management, until now.
I kindly ask for your prayers that God’s light will reveal the truth of this matter. Please pray that Sebastian, Sebastian’s boss Gina, the HR department, and my union representative will see the reality of this situation and recognize the inaccuracy of the claims made against me from Sebastian. Please pray that Gina, HR, and my Union Representative will recognize this situation as retaliation and that justice will ultimately prevail.
Your spiritual support during this trying time is invaluable to me. May God guide all parties involved to a fair and truthful resolution. I love my job and I love what I do but Sebastian is making this so hard for me with all of his un true statements.

Please pray for Sebastian. Pray that God may guide him to a new path where his skills and temperament align more harmoniously, and where he can flourish without causing harm to others. Please pray that Sebastian’s errors will stand out and that God will help them see that this performance review is certainly retaliation on me. I’m asking for prayers for God’s intervention in this situation. Pray for Gina’s discernment in selecting a new manager for our office, one who embodies honesty, fairness, and transparency, and who will foster an environment of support and upliftment for the entire team.

Thank you, for your steadfast prayers and unwavering support during this challenging time. Together, let us trust in the power of prayer to bring about positive change and resolution.

Thank you so much for all you prayers and support. Please share this with your prayer team.
God Bless you
Diana Nimmo

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