Prayer for the Medical Students

by Tin (Philippines)

Lord, may we ask you to give us guidance in our last weeks of exams here in the faculty of medicine and surgery. We know that we don’t have enough time to review for our subjects, and that sometimes we do things unrelated to our studies. We ask for your forgiveness and understanding in all the things we do and are experiencing right now. Medicine is a very noble course to take and yet we behave like immature ones inside and outside the classroom and for that we ask for your forgiveness. We need you, Lord, especially in times like these, to guide us and help us not forget what to put in our exam papers during the exam. Remind us to always do the good even in exams. Lord, I humbly ask for your help especially to us who are in the verge of failing the difficult subjects, and to those students who have taken the same subject twice. This is very important to us, Lord, for we know that you will use us as instruments to help the many. We put our trust in you, and we lift to you all other things that worry us. May you bless us with knowledge and understanding, faith and hope, comfort and strength to face any shortcomings that may come along our way.

In the name of Christ, Amen.

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