Prayer for peace of mind and heart,discipline, and organization

by Evelyn (Chicago)

Dear God : please give me peace of mind and heart, discipline and organization skills in my life. Please help me be the best mother and best person I can be. Rid my heart of all feelings of envy and of resentment.

Help me reach my goals and dreams. Help me stop loosing sleep over things I can’t control and over people that have offended me I thank you Lord because you are already helping me and so many wonderful things are happening to me: but I have so much trauma from my abusive childhood and from the abusive relationship i still have to deal with, that I feel overwhelmed, sad, angry, frustrated, many times envious and since I was a child I have feel like I’m not worthy.

Lord also please help me become an organize and discipline person; I know that 50% of my stress will go away if i can accomplish to learn those two very important life skills.

Help me forgive my mother and my father. Give me strength and knowledge to deal with you know who and move on. Protect my son from all harm and bless him. And help me be a good mother. Thank you for all the blessings you give me and for sending so many angels to my life.Honor and Glory to you!

I can do all things in Christ tha strengthens me. Amen!

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