prayer for our daughter who is in an unhealthy relationship.

by Josie (Midland, Texas)

Please pray for our 18 yr. old daughter who is in a relationship with a 17yr. old who belittles her, judges the way she dresses, wants to control where she works, and who her friends are, and disrespects her parents by refusing to talk to us and not wanting to even set foot on our property, he tells her to stand up to her parents and demand her rights as an 18 yr. old.

(he doesn’t like our rules and curfews). And now is even threatening to break-up with her if she doesn’t do what he asks of her, he manipulates her and is causing her a lot of distress and fear, he has caused our happy God filled home to become a home of anger, frustration and much disarray, we pray and pray for us to get back the joy and love that we used to feel in our home and in our family of 3, but we need outside prayer as we feel like she is not listening to us and our prayers need more power.

Our daughter just does not see what this young man is doing to her, so please help us pray that she sees this relationship as not being one that God has sent to her(thats what she thinks). Thank-you and God Bless!