Prayer for My Neighbours to be Respectful

by P (Houston, Texas USA)

Dear Father,

I come to you with a heavy heart. My neighbors are disrespectful, the noise they keep up is stressing me greatly. I have spoken with management about them, but it’s not my desire to see anyone homeless. So I ask you to take control of situation and take them out of my life. You have blessed me with a great job and I worry i will lose it because of the noise upstairs.

I pray that you give them peace in their home and hearts, teach them lord how to respect their neighbors. I pray that you help me find peace, show acts of kindness and continue to be respect in this troubling time. Remind me lord of the love you born into me and lead by example when facing adversities.

Keep me in order and slow to angry. Lord, I know I ask much from you but you are my savior, you know my heart and you are the only one who can turn this situations around. Father, I thank you in advance for letting me live peacefully in my home. Amen.

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