Prayer for my Mother with Alzheimers

by Mary (Miami)

Dear Lord, I come to you brokenhearted, my mother is suffering from Alzheimers for over 12 years now, she is scared. Please heavenly father, may she have peace and your presence be with her, please surround her with your Angels. You are a God of mercy and justice, I confide in you Lord to protect her and shield her from pain, anguish and uncertainty. Father, I confide in your merciful love. Please bring us healing soon, we are all suffering very much. I pray for strengh to go through this, I am crushed with sadness, I cannot sleep, I cannot find consolation. Heavenly Father, please hear my prayer, please read my heart. Please help us with mom and free her from ilness and suffering I pray, Oh holy One, hear me please. Thank you Lord.

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