Prayer for my daughters marriage and her family

Dear God
Please intervene in my daughters marriage. Her husband is dealing with some issues of anger and other things. Lord he need your healing. Please be with my daughter in her time of pain please help them oh lord heal her husband in whatever way he need healing.

Protect him i pray Help him to realize that his family needs him. Lord elimate Satan from their presense. Bring their lives together make them strong in love and happiness again.lord I pray for johns healing and give him strength to make his decision to stay with his family in Jesus name I pray.

Help my daughter she is going through health issues oh Lord annoint her with your speedy healing and recovery to a normal healthy life I pray in Jesus name .protect and guide them with your mighty. power heal their marriage bond them with everlasting love and peace and happiness in Jesus name I pray for their deliverance from this break down in their marriage bond.

Thank you Lord for hearing and answering my prayer.Lord I praise your holy name you are a powerful god you delivered shedrsck mishhack and abednsgo from the blazing furnace I know you will deliver them back to a strong heakthy marriage in Jesus holy name i pray

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