Prayer for my adult son

by Carolyn (Florida)

I want to find prayers to help my son who is 26. Prayers I can say.

He lives far away from me and his sister.
He is lonesome from inside
He is desperate to hold onto someone who is using him for money and for material things my son gives him

Can someone send me some prayers for me to say, addressing these concerns? – I pray many times a day for him and for my daughter, but I am so desperate to ask God to help the 3 if us, especially my son.

I also think he has a serious gambling addiction.

Please send me some prayers I can say.

Thank You

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  1. prayers for my family.

    Please pray for my family strength,peace,guidance,knowledge protection wellness.

  2. For Carolyn

    I understand so well how you feel, I too am far away from my son. I talk to God and tell him all the things I am worried about (just in normal words) and then I ask Him to ‘Protect my son, make him strong, healthy, happy, safe, secure and content and to help him with all his problems’ I will pray and ask the same for you, your son and your daughter Carolyn. With love and may God Bless you

  3. Call your son in addition to everything you are praying for

    I am far away from my dad and sister, but to me it is just geography. I moved to New York and became guarded by the pace and temperament of the city and my family is afraid to call me for fear of interrupting me. I’ve gotten involved with drugs and the fast life and I’m looking for a way out. I’m praying I find one.

    The other day, my friend’s father called him – for no reason except because he said he wanted to hear his voice. This made me melt and break down inside. Part of not feeling alone is knowing that you are loved. And I can tell you that when you are far away, you don’t feel loved and self reliance only takes you so far. I would give anything for my father to call me and say he just wanted to hear my voice.

  4. My christian son

    Dear Lord, I pray it be your will that my son’s dream comes true! He has wanted to be an actor since he was eight yrs old. This is his passion and I’m afraid he will never have peace or happiness until his dreams come true. He is a devout Christian and loves the Lord more than anything. He has his master’s in drama, and I pray he will find his dream job and be happy. He gets discouraged sometimes and it worries me. He has a beautiful christian wife and three beautiful children. He lives his life for you Lord, but gets depressed from time to time. I want nothing but happiness and success for my wonderful son! Please help him find true happiness with his career and the ability to take care of his family financially! He truly an amazing son, helped me be a Christian. I love him with all my heart, but you come first Lord. Pleasehelp my son, in Jesus name I pray, thank you Jesus Amen.

  5. To "Anonymous October 19, 2016"

    I Pray the Lord deliver this message to you:
    Know that you never leave your parents’ hearts, no matter how far away you go. Your Parents will love you and pray for you even if they don’t call. Maybe there is some fear they have that keeps them from calling, but I just want you to know, as a parent, I can truly say you are right there in their hearts the same as you were when you were a helpless little baby! That’s the beauty of parenting, you get to hold your little one forever in your heart! It’s a strong bond that cannot be broken by something as simple and weak as geography. I hope this brings some joy and peace to you, if you still have not heard from your Dad.

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