Prayer for Financial Breakthrough for My son and Our Business

Dear lord

I come to you with a heavy heart and ask for a urgent breakthrough on behalf of my son. He’s going through financial hardship. Works so hard can’t seem to make ends meet. He needs 1200 to pay for his rent he’s also in need of 2000 for back child support or he goes to jail.

He’s a great son and doesn’t deserve these hard times he’s going through. His kids want to live with him. He’s going through a custody battle for his kids please lord I implore you help him give him a financial miracle. His court date is on the 19th of this month and he needs the 2000 by then.

We also need a prosperity miracle on behalf of our business we need a breakthrough. We have tried to help my son as much as we can but with the business being slow its hard. He’s a great father loves his kids but he fell on hard times and he wants custody of his kids on June 19 a decision has to be made in regard to custody and his kids rather be with him.

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