Prayer for couples preparation for wedding and financial help

by Maricel (PHL)

Dear Lord, I am praying to you to help me in preparing for our wedding. My husband and I are having problems in our finances and I worry that I may not plan and budget our wedding well. My husband does not approve of all my suggestions and I’m having a hard time looking for possible cheap suppliers.

I really don’t know what to do now. I always tell him that if he’s not ready to shell out some money for our wedding, it’s just fine with me. We might as well cancel our wedding plans. But he would always say that he wants to push through with it. I am not longing for a grand wedding. I just want a simple and memorable one but getting married here is really costly. We’ve been together for 15years and I even never thought that he’ll have plans of marrying me.

Though it will be my privilege to receive our Lord’s blessing in the sacrament of marriage. Please help me Lord. Please bring to me to people who are going to be a big help for this wedding. If this will push through, I hope everything will turn out fine and beautiful. I leave it all up to you my Lord.

Please bless and enlighten my husband on this preparation. Thank you.

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