Prayer for Broken Relationship

by Esra (Indonesia)

Heavenly Father,

I come to You to give thanks for Your love and blessings in my life.
Father, I feel my burden is so heavy that sometimes make me feel weak and hopeless. Forgive me Father, for not having trust in You in every second of my life.

Please give me strength to face my problems. My boyfriend left me 2 weeks ago because he can’t withstand in a relationship without having something before marriage.
I pray so much You will touch his heart and release him from any kind of flesh temptations. Let Your pure love conquers all the sins in his heart and in our relationship. I love him honestly and pure Father, please reconcile our relationship and let me bring Your light into his life.

I believe Your miracle still happens and will happen upon me and my boyfriend. Reunite us in Your love Father, please let us spend the rest of our lives together in a holy marriage fulfilled with Your love. I believe that You will fulfill Your words.
Thank you loving Father.
In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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