Prayer for breakthrough

I need first of all to humbly ask God to forgive my sins, through Jesus Christ our personal saviour. Amen. I am in need of a break through. I want to start a new life in the new year. I need to find a job because im unemployed. I depend on a man who has abused me physically and emotionally. But because of God’s love, which i can give testimony, i have been reunited with my old friends, who want to help me, and who also love and fear God. I have made a decision to join their church and fellowship with them. I have been through so many difficult circumstances in my life, and i need the guidance of the Lord. I have a young daughter with this man, whom i love very much, and i know it may be difficult for her too at times. But she is a strong little girl (aged 5) and i need God to guide her through and through. I need her to lead a Christian life, and most importantly, i need her to excel academically, through God’s guidance. I know that she will be ok, as long as my Lord is with her. She starts primary school in a few days. God i need to break away from this awful relationship and start afresh, in Jesus name, i pray. Amen.