Prayer for a Financial Miracle for Business

by Christine (Oriental)

Heavenly father,

we praise u a give u thanks please hear my prayers,opened a doors in your heart for my prayers,please help our business to improved and fruitful.send more costumers in our house where our business is here.hope those costumer purchase items, am praying that God will send at least 20 customer to me each day and that each customer will purchase at least 1000 pesos worth of items,blessed also my online store pls.

God send more buyers online to increase my sales everyday.I am praying that I will be a Godly representative of Jesus Christ and that each and every person that enters into my business place be touch with the love of Christ Jesus and leave my business place a different person than he or she was before entering my shop. I pray that each item I sell be a blessing to those that purchase them and that I provide Godly service to each and every one of my customers

I pray that God will provide me with the funds I need to operate my business and that he will bless me with the money to purchase land so I can build my own building. I pray that God will prosper me so that I can be a blessing to others.

I pray that The Holy Spirit will guide me in all of my ways (personal and business) and direct my steps.

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