Deliver us from Babylon

Pray that all those who are tired, lost, lonely, heartbroken, sick, addicted, hungry, homeless, cold, mental ill, scared, worried, any other negative feeling/action/lifestyle will turn every issue/problem/dillema over to God, go to bed tonight, get some sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow well rested, refreshed, happy, healthy, cleansed, joyful, sober, with eating ears seeing eyes … Continue reading “Deliver us from Babylon”

Deliver us from Babylon

Pray that all those who are tired, lost, lonely, heartbroken, sick, addicted, mental ill, scared, worried, any other negative feeling/action/lifestyle will turn every issue/problem/dillema over to God, go to bed tonight, get some sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow well rested, refreshed, happy, healthy, cleansed, joyful, sober, with eating ears seeing eyes sound hearts and … Continue reading “Deliver us from Babylon”

To Be Obedient

That I continue to honor God with the poetry He’s firmly planted in my heart…Thank you. I want add the last time I had a cold, I wrote poetry to Him all day. Even though the cold as usual was miserable, it didn’t stand a chance against the Spirit of the Lord being upon me. … Continue reading “To Be Obedient”

The Lord Love’s You

Wherever I go The Lord is with me He is my shepherd So when the going gets tough He will shelter me He will move mountains for me And help me to carry on I’ll be loving you Lord Jesus Christ Just listen to the Lord in the wind Whispering I love you And he … Continue reading “The Lord Love’s You”

My Jesus

My Creator,My comforter. My Prince of Peace. My provider. My Righteousness. My Faithful High Priest. My Coming King. My Deliverer. My Brother the Bread of Life. My Rock My Reward. My Redeemer. The Way, The Truth, The Life. My Shield, My Strength, My Savior. My Shepherd and Eternal Sustainer. My Hope, My Glory, My Crown … Continue reading “My Jesus”

Prayers of WAR

I am a website called and it’s there I have my poetry and have place in a few of their contests. A desire of my heart is to have my own book of poetry to be printed and published and to be on the New York Times’ Bestseller List. Please pray that this happen. … Continue reading “Prayers of WAR”

Beauty of God in Nature

The Sun is shining bright overhead And the trees sway ever so slightly Rays of warmth caress my face And I stare and watch in wonder There is beauty everywhere I look Each tree displays its colors Their flowers are colored so finely And I stare and watch in wonder Nature’s artwork is beautiful indeed … Continue reading “Beauty of God in Nature”

IOC Help

please pray for me to not panic during the IOC and for me to get Orwell and to get questions that i can easily answer. I really pray that I don’t freak out and go blank during the IOC :((((((( Thank you. I know this is more of request than a prayer but I am … Continue reading “IOC Help”

Kindness of God

Lord, fill me with Your light, and send Your Spirit into me. Let my whole life be for Your glory, and my every intent for love of You. You are gracious and kind, You created me and You know me. You knew me before anyone else, even before my parents You knew me. You guide … Continue reading “Kindness of God”

Prayer for God’s Favor

God with You, nothing is impossible. You are All-powerful and strong. Every words of Yours is obeyed; Your word is powerful and life-giving. When You are with me, I am like a soaring bird. Carefree and happy, enriching the earth with my song my song in praise of Your Name. But You have left me, … Continue reading “Prayer for God’s Favor”

Prayer for loving God

Help me to love You, God, for You are good. Help me to praise You, Lord, for You do amazing things. Help me to worship You, Divine One, for You are God Almighty. My God, You do great things. You Yourself are great, above all living creatures, above all that is now, above all there … Continue reading “Prayer for loving God”

Confidence in God

Who better to trust in, then in God? Who knows all our strengths And sees all our weaknesses. He has counted every hair on my head. No thought of mine is hidden from Him. He knows my every desire. He knows the length of my days, for He, Himself created me in my mother’s womb. … Continue reading “Confidence in God”

Praise of God

God I bless You! I love You and praise You. In Your great mercy, You help Your servant. You have redeemed me, sinner that I am, and blessed me abundantly. You do wonders for the one who trusts in You. You are a kind God, who wants to bring joy to mortals, little though they … Continue reading “Praise of God”

Prayer for Forgiveness

My God, my God, I have sinned against You. You alone know my sin; my faults are in Your sight. If You were to punish me, You would be right. For You are just and good, righteous in all your ways. I beseech You, Lord, forgive me! Nothing is more dear to me than You. … Continue reading “Prayer for Forgiveness”

Prayer to God for Help

God, You’re worthy of all love, adoration, praise, worship, and glory. All power in Heaven and Earth belongs to You. You are great and above all. No one can compare to You; You are the great majesty, the King of Heaven and of Earth. You are my creator; You formed me in my mother’s womb. … Continue reading “Prayer to God for Help”

True brothers

Dear lord before I go too sleep I just want to thank you for the true friends I call brothers they are everything to me I know there not my blood brothers but I will say this when it comes to them it’s always us together never just me god I’m going to ask you … Continue reading “True brothers”

Guidance with writing project

Please pray for God’s guidance. About 20 years ago God’s Spirit led me to make a writing collection. I started writing poems daily, dealing with Bible stories and miracles. I had many accumulated. Some have disappeared, however. In any event, they are authentically mine, although they may not be perfect to some. I am waiting … Continue reading “Guidance with writing project”


That me and my significant other can work this relationship and make it the greatest relationship of all. I pray he change his ways and be the leader of this relationship. I want open communication between the both of us. Also, I want happiness, peace, joy, and good health.

God, Where Are You?

God where are you? I asked. And this was His reply: I am everywhere I am here, I am there, I am with you even when you are in despair. I am the wind that you see blowing all the leave I am the birds that fly in the sky; I am the fish in … Continue reading “God, Where Are You?”

Give me strength

I feel so alone! I can’t do this on my own! So here I am down on my knees! Begging you lord please! Please give me strength to over come! Give me knowledge and wisodm! Lord heal this pain and make me new! Help me to trust in you! Please take my hand and show … Continue reading “Give me strength”


There are many rough rivers going on in life right now. The stress and anxiety sometimes overwhelms me, and I pray that God will be give peace beyond understanding! Help me grow closer to Him, and use me to show the unbelievers how He works. While He gives rest to those in my life that … Continue reading “Peace”


Love Other’s beloved to the Farther By ME.etc.

Something’s wrong

Something has felt incredibly wrong in my head and my heart for a long time now and I feel like I’m not really breathing more and more often these days and I’m certain I have some sort of mental disorder or two and something’s just… wrong. and I feel so sick. but in my head. … Continue reading “Something’s wrong”

As I Wait

As I wait Lord, my spirit is fearful of what the results may be. Although I know You have not given the spirit of fear, that is what I feel. My mind and my body are reacting in a way that expresses worry. I am Your child and You love me more than I can … Continue reading “As I Wait”

In my Lord I trust

Please lord help my granddaughter Caylee. She’s a year and 9 months. she was diagnosed with diabetes type 1. Everyday she needs to be injected with insulin. My lord help her in you I trust.

Refections of Ourselves!

Narcissus forever admired his own reflection or maybe it was actually a girl he saw and loved in a pool? Abraham too saw many versions of himself reflecting back to him from pools or from shiny surfaces. But these may well have been his many descendants who now number like the stars in the night … Continue reading “Refections of Ourselves!”

Sleepy Head

My Lord….. I cannot wake this sleepy head. My brain is fog, my feet are lead. My wooden limbs refuse to jump. Restore vitality instead, And help me rise out of this bed. My Lord… I cannot wake this sleepy head. Please help me rise out of bed.

Quiet Little Laugh

I laughed a quiet little laugh; O’ Lord, that’s not like me; For life is short and life is full, And as fast as life can be. I don’t remember how it came; I quite forgot the trigger; But, as will happen with these things, That small thing just got bigger. And, then I thought … Continue reading “Quiet Little Laugh”

What To Ask

Lord, I don’t know how to pray as I ought; My soul and my spirit inside me fought; To decide what it is that I should ask Thee; Blessings from You, or sevice from me.

A Prayer to My Parents

My sun is my parents My life is lit by themMy eyes are my parentsThis world is shown by them to meMy heart is my parentsMy life is given by them They are always living in my heartBecause I love my parents

Joy of Faith

Praise be to your Name, O Lord! There is no One like You my God!Many days Evil soughtto destroyed my Soul in Thoughts. Mine eyes have seenthe fallen of my comrades. My strength ebbing away—- I thanked The Lord, for he did not rejected me.The Lord rescued my footsteps, and carried me through the storms. … Continue reading “Joy of Faith”

Prayer of Deliverance

Dear Lord, I am asking in all sincerity To rid me of these demons,I repent to you God,Show me the way out of perversion. God, I know miracles happen!I know prayers to you work Because with you all things are possible!I can be content with you. God, you can save me,Your angels can be there … Continue reading “Prayer of Deliverance”

I had a Dream

Last night I had a dream Lord help me understand, An angel stood at the foot of my bed with compassion in her hands. She said that the Lord had sent her, because he heard me cry, and wanted to assure me he was always by my side.I reached out my hand to touch her, … Continue reading “I had a Dream”