Please help remove the 3rd party in our relationship

by Michele (Zambia)

Dearest Beloved St Jude I thank you for answering my prayers in the past and once again request your intercession. Please perform a miracle for me in that Caroline no longer contacts my partner, either by email, sms or calling , or sees him ever again. Please let this grip this woman has over my partner be severed. Please help my partner and I renew our promises to each other, as we have been together for 45 years, and I am emotionally drained by all of this. Please intercede in Nicholas’s actions in that he from now on remains in love and faithful to me, and that there are no more lies and deceit and we may then may carry on as a loving couple as we used to be. Please help me begin to like and love myself again and not be so hard on myself. I thank you in Jesus name, St Jude, mz

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