Need a Miracle

by Jason ()

I pray that my boyfriend can find a job suitable for him where he will not be judged because of his mental impairments and his looks. I pray that he can finally forgive all those people who have wronged him from the beginning of his birth all the way to his adulthood. I pray that he realizes that God is the Answer in all circumstances of his life. If being employed is not the right fit for him now, I pray for guidance on how he can file for disability benefits so he can become a self-sufficient man, and feel like a man again. He’s gone through so many jobs in his lifetime and cannot hold down a job because of his anger issues plus he has memory problems. Because of these issues he cannot stay focus or even remember what people say to him. It seems he has amnesia of the brain. He is very frustrated and talks about killing himself bc he doesn’t feel like a man and hates putting me through this. We need a miracle in the worse way!

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