My prayers request and thanks please

Gratitude and forgiveness more than infinite for everything and everyone without exception until now;
Let all the requests of my heart be heeded for ever, and be attended unto infinitely more than my heart hath desired;
nothing is to me to the honor and glory of God;
– urgent good work !!!!!!
-For all souls (without exceptionpand friends!!!!!!!
-For all my ancestors (without exception) and my friends!!!!!
I entrust all the miracles I need and deserve, as do all my
plans, dreams and all my life;
– By my residence:, all my neighbors (without exception),
surroundings, region, SP and everything !!! Just fleiness and
Boas COISAS!!!!! I am as blessed as possible and impossible (nothing
it is for me, everything is for the honor and glory of God)! Infinite
gratitude !!!!!!!!
-A husband / companion , as well as kids and family too !!!!!
-financial freedon more that urgently please!!!!!
-Forever Young!!!!!
-To be as global as possible and impossible;
-I trust my friends from RS’ relationship / reaction on where I live and my house !!!!!
-I trust all my fears, anxieties and worries !!!!
I can eternally have the best possible and impossible relationship with God;
– May I ever reach the highest heaven !!!!
– I trust everything I did, without exception, to stay in the presence of God !!!!

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