Marriage Healing

by Ann (Ohio)

Dear Lord, I pray that you open my husbands heart and mind so that he reconsiders this whole divorce idea he is stuck on right now. Help him to see that he is a worthy person and that the kids and I adore him. Help him get through this crisis state quickly. Help him to find his way from the couch back into our bed. I miss him so very much and my heart is breaking for myself and our children. I ask that the couple of people that are trying to add fuel to any fire can just stay out of it and keep their opinions to themselves. Heal this rift in our marriage and help us both to forgive one another for any hurts we may have caused without realizing it and help us to not take one another for granted anymore. Help me to continue to be patient as we deal with this. Help me to be strong for our kids and show them love and compassion.


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