Justice for our civil issues

by Anonymous ()

We have had quite the two years.  Our landlords at the time did so many illegal things, broke landlord-tenant laws but they had money and we did not and they have gotten away with so much, including abusive tactics and causing us injuries. Even their attorney did harassing things.  One of them had had two previous restraining orders placed on him unbeknownst to us before we rented from him. We need justice. We either need the money to hire an attorney or we need God to equip us with being our own attorney. We need the judges to do the ethical, legal thing and rule according to what is right and just and right the wrongs committed against us. They have stolen our good rental history of almost three years along with stealing our entire deposit and charging us for things that were explicitly prohibited in their own lease that they chose to use along with charging us for things that they damaged by refusing to do the repairs. We never once received any complaints and have texts messages and emails the entire three three leases showing that they liked us. The evidence shows the truth. These people do not keep their word and instead circumvent the law and do what they want. We are baffled by their behavior as we were excellent tenants, paying our rent on-time and early during a pandemic when other tenants were taken advantage of their landlords. We need God to provide a breakthrough and turn the tide.

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