by maria ()

in church should growing up should said i am going to hellsfire hades or maybe heaven and family said being family friend enemy or that some family were struggling i had money college art from government benefits not family generational money had to be shared ii must make it clear money is not from treasury of rulers in case it is or asking those like nobles to pay money for a book that no one wanted to buy thinking not have lots money enemies secrets fears giving vision sharon Phil in old home there was animal town family then vanished i was sleeping
in home very early neighbouring enemies used to sing in morning not close to little house on the prairie the waltons highway to heaven world was not as it seemed others asked about slavery islands waisted time years watching power rangers not in family way madhouse itv nightmare most chosen ones not for me very unrelated land of the giant mohaborat startreck deepspace nine babylon5 lots television from young told be quiet was singing in mornings growing up watching movies you thought were in fifties church saying about uncles showing us all horror films movies fun house raeding walt disney books fairytales being read was not straight bible mixed bible family watched slavery films seem to be documentaries some adult filmed horror japanese animation indian bollywood films not watching much nollywood

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