~I pray that I will get the right medical treatment to cure me.~

by Darla ()

Dear Lord Jesus,
NHS England have been like actors repeating a bad script to me regarding my respiratory tract infection. I have been ill since Summer last year and I can tell what is wrong inside my body is still there ~ I have seen GPs and nurses,had tests and X rays and taken courses of antibiotics and other drugs for this condition but it still persists daily. Why have these health professionals kept giving my lungs X rays when my lungs are clear? I need an X ray on my throat,it feels very much like the infection is at the back of it,quite high up in my windpipe. I have explained this to the NHS medics but they just ignored that and kept on wasting time by giving my lungs X rays. I haven’t got proper asthma but the NHS want me to have. They don’t seem to want to evaluate my respiratory issue correctly,like any excuse to treat it like it’s something it isn’t. Please may something good happen soon God,a positive change,a new kind and effective GP or something to help me get rid of this respiratory tract infection permanently.Don’t let my stalkers win,you know how they love to see me suffer and not succeed. Amen.

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