help me jesus

Heavenly father I ask you to forgive me Stanley Ria Kelvin Mark my parents and our ancestors for our sins. I pray my lord Jesus that you wash and cleanse purify us make us white as snow. Lord I declare that 2015 is a year of beautification in our finances prosperity health career well being and lives. I ask my lord there be no weapon formed against us. Lord I pray that bless my household and family and friend let no one die prematurely. Father by your resurrection power of the holy ghost I pray that we are coming out to be winners. My lord jesus I ask that we get a few investment properties this year so we can have extra income. I pray oh lord that you please open doors for Ria’s real estate business let her have everything she wants. My god I pray for Mark’s general contractor business let it prosper make mark more ambitious caring and loving towards this household. He wants to be a pastor but he does not want to make a life. I pray that you humble me Stanley Ria Kelvin Mark and make us more men and women of god. I pray for good health strength wisdom knowledge career and financial breakthrough for my household and family and friends. Lord I know my family will never except mark as my husband father I pray that he gets a woman who is better than me and who will support him more. I dont want to hurt mark lord but I need to move on in life. Show me your ways oh lord. I pray that khemraj and my household is filled with love peace prosperity happiness and a place of tranquility in our homes. Father I pray that the enemy dies in my household and khemraj. Lord I ask that you bring fire to shamowattie for what she is doing to me and khemraj I pray oh lord that you arise and show her what you can do. Father shamowattie is making my life and khemraj life a disaster. Father let shamowattie know that the power of god is real when you hurt someone you will get hurt too.Holy ghost send your fire into her household and her work place she is evil and devilish lord arise and take charge may she never get peace sorry god but she is hurting too.much people. Lord I dont want to.hurt mark or khemraj father I love them both dearly but show me which road to go.i want to be happy. I pray for financial breakthrough for my household and khemraj life. Lord open doors for us. I pray jesus that you take charge over my life. Show me your ways oh lord. Father I.pray that we move out of Connecticut soon I want to live in Georgia. I pray that I get a government or state job. Oh lord release the angels of god upon us. I plead the blood of jesus upon all I have and will have. Father I plead your blood upon my household. Oh lord please help me I cast all my burdens to you. You know my troubles. You know the plans you have for me and my household to.prosper us. Bring down your anointing oh lord. Let me do well in my job god. Thank you lord for all you have done in my life let me stop sinning and comitting adultery with khemraj. Lord marriage its falling apart because of my family. Lord I cry to you in need of help. Please come into my life and help my household and khemraj. Let whatever evil shamowattie cast on my household and khemraj go back to her household in the name of jesus. Thank you jesus

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