He Loved Us

Social media is making people socially awkward. Society’s dependence on Twitter, Facebook, snap chat, and so on has many people incapable of reading their social surroundings and situations. As a result, relationships that would have formed naturally go undeveloped.

The more we fail to build personal relationships with our fellow human beings, meaning those people whom we can see, the further we fall away from building a personal relationship with God, whom we cannot see.

The habits we have for building relationships are the same habits we exercise toward God in Christ. If you expect God to answer you on Twitter or snap chat, you will be disappointed. He will, however, answer your prayers. you can’t creep on God’s Facebook page, but you can meet Him every Sunday morning in worship. He won’t call you on your cell phone, but He will invite you to His communion table and introduce you to His Son, who died to save you.

God knew the difficulty we would have building a relationship with Him, so He took on the responsibility to build the relationship with us. Truth is, our sinful nature is so hostile to God that we don’t want a relationship with Him. We can come to God only when the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to Christ’s work on the cross and transforms our lives through His enduring love.

“This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us” (1 John 4:10).
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Denise Larson Cooper has a passion for Christ and sharing His Word. A wife and mother of two daughters, Denise currently works as a gymnastic coach.

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