fervent prayers

by Rochelle ()

Dear father God, thank You for all the blessings you give us every day. Thank you for Your presence in our lives. We thank you for Your unconditional love for us for giving us our sins for dying on the cross to save us. Thank You, Father God for Your unconditional love for us, thank You for our dependence in You. We love You we trust You. We have faith in You we pray that our faith will continue to grow and never waver. I pray Lord for forgiveness of sins and for hearts to forgive people who sinned and hurt us may we live our lives according to your will, may we live godly lives, and believe in You faithfully, may there be peace on Earth may all your creations believe You Father God Jesus Christ. I thank You for my husband for giving him to me for the love that we share together I thank you for him. I love him so much and I miss him so much, I continuously pray for him to be given back to me. Please give him back to me. I know this is impossible with man, but this is so possible with You. Father God Jesus Christ please send my loving husband back to me in whatever however, wherever whenever way, please give my husband back to be father God I pray for my dad in heaven and husband, may they both rest in peace and I thank You for enfolding them in your embrace, thank You for giving them salvation for healing them for easing their pain and suffering by giving them new bodies and making them happy being with You up in heaven, I pray for us here on earth my mom, my siblings, and their families please hear their individual prayers Father God Jesus Christ. Cleanse their hearts, may we all live according to your will, we surrender our lives to you, i pray that the Holy Spirit to give us protection in our every day lives keep us away from the attack of the enemies keep us away from evil, away from all negativities Father God, that your presence be with us so that no negativities will come our way. Please guide us in every decisions we make small or big please talk to our hearts. And I pray for us to listen to you Father God Jesus Christ thank You for everything. Thank You for waking us up. Thank you for another chance of life. Thank You for my family relatives, friends, neighbors, and churches. Thank you father God for everything. Thank you for You our creator, we know that You are in control of our lives, and you’re the only one who knows when are we going to join you in heaven but while we are here in earth, Father God, may we live our lives according to Your will thank You, Father God, Jesus Christ, in the name of the mighty Jesus Christ, Almighty Father, I fervently pray seek, ask request petition all of these, Amen.

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