Family unity

by Anonymous ()

Dear Heavenly Father: I come to you today broken and afraid. Our adoptive daughter has rejected us and is not living with us. We love her and believe she has love for us. Dear Lord, I call on you to give us the help we need to bring our child home and for us to live happily together. Give us the courage we need to keep going. Straighten our paths to reunification and show our daughter how much we love her. Show her that we can do a great job parenting her. Guide us to be great parents and help us to raise her to know and praise you. Give her the desire for us to be her parents. Heal her emotional wounds. I humbly ask that you cast out all of the demons keeping us apart. Lord you know our hearts and our challenges. We know that you are all powerful and can solve any problem no matter how great or small. Dear Lord help us and calm our fears. In Jesus Holy Name, Amen.

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