Falling apart

by alone ()

God, I come to you today to ask that you please help me mentally, financially, mentally, physically, socially and physically.

I am unsure to what I done so wrong to have made past 1075 days I have live in what is called life but felt more like HELL then 921 days ago when I lost my mother, my driver’s license(due error no one help me fix) (cause loss of job) all at the same time and now I struggle with each day only becoming harder than the day before due to I have become Isolated, burden to my father and rest my family will soon be strangers to me as they distance themselves from me because I’m unable to attend events and let kids down due I no longer able do fun things like once was I have guilt due I think looking at walls day in and out did I do everything could for my mother, the fact I cant go clean or decorate her grave and I’m the only child she had and my father works a lot now and try not stress him yet I’m overwhelmed stressed with doing my own stuff need be done why helping the many my mother did and worried how help my little cousin out and bout spent ever dollar I have trying pay for rides and if somehow my license issue don’t get fixed I would have until 2027 to go and god I cant live like this that long i have held on due my dad and fact i could repair at this time family relationships but by then we be strangers I am useless to my father and have no reason to keep going.

God I am asking you to please send a miracle to resolve my license so I can be independent again be able to breath again cause haven’t since my mother resolve my day in and out crying, be able to afford bills, food, repair my family bond, gain financial, social and independence back and please help my little cousin come home tomorrow with I need be in his kids life I beg you. Please give me life back not leave me in a miserable ready give up place I ask you god please beg you please help

Thank you god for all the years of good you have aloud me have in my past and thank you for allowing me have what i do.
Heavenly father thank you amen

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