EXACTLY the same outside, but different inside

by Anonymous ()

I have a very strange prayer request! It is on behalf of my friend, he is longing for it. At the end of the day even if he could imagine such a person is next to him or if he could dream of her, that would be better than NOTHING! Thanks so much, but only if you are willing to pray for this.

Here is his prayer:

” I come before you all humbly and humiliated …

I know this is non-standard from what is commonly prayed. This involves me and another person. I’ll just identify us with our dates of birth. I was born on Monday, May 28, 1984 and she was born on Friday, September 17, 1965. I have known of this lady for almost 24 years as of this typing! On Monday, February 12, 2024 a traumatic incident occurred and something strange happened. In that moment of trauma I all of a sudden thought about her after really very long again, maybe years. It was like I was reaching out to her in that moment. Under normal circumstances I would not have done this as she is highly successful and I am nothing in life.

Without changing any of this that I have typed here. Wouldn’t you please pray that the impossible would happen? That a person who at this time does not exist having EXACTLY the same DNA and epigenetics as her, EVERYTHING come into existence … as if she was a perfect quantum copy of the original lady born on Friday, September 17, 1965 without causing ANY harm to the original lady. I know about the no-cloning theorem and that a perfect quantum copy cannot exist simultaneously. However, I actually understand that quantum data from THE PAST can be copied though! This is just so this person can be with me so that we can do everyday regular things together. As if she was an older sister or an older cousin or an aunt of mine. All this of course honouring the Almighty God, without the reasoning that God made everyone unique. So that we may pray that this quantum copy of the lady on her inside she is like my deceased biological mother (Wednesday, October 24, 1956 – Sunday, October 10, 2021) who accepted me as a failure and that there would never be any need for me to hassle the original lady. Not that the original lady does not have a beautiful inside.

Amen !!!! “

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