by Kawace Gaddafi Morgan ()

I submit a prayer request on your Prayer wall section, also on facebook. This is how eager i want to be delivered from evil and live free in JESUS name. I fell short yesterday in masturbation, sexual thoughts, dreams. many prayed for me and am still going through this feeling. I dont want to feel like this but feel like am a Child of You God. What ever is keeping me back from receiving your promises deliver me Lord. Whatever is blocking me remove it God. Let Your HOLY SPIRIT Fire burn like volcano in my heart, mind and soul dwelling in your presence. If i need a wife then free me first from demonic realm and place your HOLINESS in me. Dont let me enter a relationship with demons, act fast Lord in my life for i want to do Your WILL Lord. not delay, i want to LOVE You Lord not pretend. Always talk to me Lord, and have your way for my life for HOLINESS i desire in JESUS name, Amen.

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