Come to your senses

by Prayers Admin ()

Will you pray for everyone to come to their senses, escape the traps of the devil, be disciplined by god Jesus and the Holy Spirit and to repent their sins and to stay out of traps and to be sober, to not get stuck again and for people to stop taking advantage of others to get what hey want unfairly! Will you pray for everyone to learn to not rely on substances that is the creation and not the creater that made you alive. Too many people are eating and drinking to live when the food and water does not produce the spirit of life. Everyone needs to learn the fasting discipline and be more about the Holy Spirit. Will you pray for everyone to learn from he discipline to fast and to stop cheating to be holy and staying holy? Will you pray for everyone to shown a way out of sins so that they can live bear, ensure, become patient loving people? Will you pray everyone to stop exempting people from fasting because no one has that authority to prevent loving life by not indulging in foods and water and other liquids to be nourished? Will you pray for people to stop trying to get away with crime?

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