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I’ve decided it is time to move. I need to get some minor repairs done to the house and pack my things and move on. I have a realtor and I hope I can get an awesome price for the house and move out. The house is too small. Open Door is making a bid on the house. I hope it goes my way. The current house is too far from work and there are traffic congestion issues and it takes longer than it needs to for the commute.

The realtor I’m using wants prayers as her 3 children caught a virus. I hope they they get to feel better.

My sister and I need to get an attorney to probate my Cousin Rick’s estate who passed away a year ago. There are mineral rights involved and he did not leave a will. One of his cousins is trying to get all the mineral rights and prevent us from getting our share. I hope we can peacefully get this worked out. Rick’s sister might need prayers as most of our family to move on with our lives after his unexpected death.

I want prayers for my relationship with my boyfriend. He told me if I move 45 minutes away it is too far to visit me. Sometimes, he ignores topics brought up for discussion. I am trying to figure out how to proceed with this relationship.

I also hope to get prayers that the pig and her kits that were abandoned by a neighbor will let us catch them. Animal control has one of them as we caught it earlier this week. Animal control is rehoming all of them. They get in my yard and catching them is a challenge.

Basically, I want prayers for how to make wise decisions and follow through with them. I also want prayers for peace of mind. We have a dog and she is 8 now. I hope she will always remain calm and live alot longer as there have been lots of changes this year.


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