Broken marriage

Father in Heaven,

I pray for reconciliation in my marriage, grant me the healing necessary in the heart of my husband bring truth and resolution into the circumstances and illuminate the areas of our lives that are effecting each other and causing division.
Correct our attitudes and restore godly order in our relationship, re assemble the broken parts of our lives into a uniform and united destiny. Plant a vision deep in my husband heart of the warmth and love that I his wife and our family bring into his life and give him the motivation, determination and commitment for us to walk this path together as a unit in solidarity and without difference.
Please father bless us with the spirit of cooperation the desire to communicate sensitively and lovingly with one another with respect and understanding.
Lord God father in heaven grant me this prayer in the name of Jesus our Lord and Saviour, Shepard and King.


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  1. powerful

    The power of agreement is crucial as a believer. I personalized this prayer and sent it to my sister in Christ that’s going through a tough process (possible divorce)/separation etc. and I believe if she believe God as she say things will be established in Jesus name. Thank you to whoever wrote this because I wanted to encourage her and we must keep fighting the good fight of faith. sending the enemy to pick on someone else. Peace. God bless you

  2. i want my husband back

    my husband peter has slipped into darkness he is being mislead by wrong influences he is depressed. he has asked for a divorce, and tells me he has not loved me for a year, which is not true.
    i reach out to my husband in love and send compassion to him that i belive my husband will come back to me, and we will be reconsiled and we will walk the same path together
    my husband is acting in angerm. i pray the right people be sent to peter to help him see reason, and that christians from another nearby church i believe peter has been healed and he wants the same walk as me. i pray that our broken marriage be reconsiled as i know he loves me. i believe i need to change, we both to, biut i pray for a reconsiliation and my husband is on his way back to me,and this is what im prepared for to allow god to heal me, and guide me
    in jesus name amen

  3. Broken Marriage

    I have been divorced for several years and pray that one day the Lord sees fit to bring us back togethwe

  4. Broken Marriage

    I have been divorced for several years and pray that one day the Lord sees fit to bring us back togethwe

  5. prayer

    I pray that time has healed the broken hearts between you and your husband. My husband has been out of the house for 3 weeks and pray all day that Jesus will return him to me and mend his heart to feel love once more for me. Please Pray that satin be removed from his life and make him whole again with our Lord. Pray he sees our life was put together not to be torn apart. Amen

  6. I want my husband back Jesus

    My husband told me on Thursday that he doesn’t want to be married any more and he’s done. Sad thing is that I never seen it coming we haven’t even been married a year yet and when we were saying he has done this before when times were hard financially he said he was leaving. Now that we are having financial problems again he bails but uses so many excuses on why he is leaving which none of them were grounds for divorce. I love my husband and I have felt nothing but love from him but he says he has been unhappy for a while now but again he never displayed unhappiness. I know that it’s Gods will for us to be married and I hold God to that. And I believe that he will bring my husband back home. What God has joined together let no man out asunder. In Jesus name Amen. It is done

  7. Prayers needed

    Please pray that God will heal all the hurt that has brought the divorce process into our marriage. I pray that God will heal our hearts so that we may love each other the way God intended. Pray for a blessing over our marriage and family and that the Holy Spirit will dwell within each of us so that we will have a bond that no human or spiritual being can tear apart! Give me and my husband the love in our hearts for each other that Jesus has for each of us. God bless our marriage each day, in Jesus’ name I pray! Jesus, I trust in you! Not mine but thy will be done!

  8. my marriage

    My husband recently left me and our two children he says that he needs a break and was always stressed now my husband has taken me through alot in our marriage of 8 yrs I have been good to him I ask for your prayers that God fix our marriage

  9. Broken marriage

    tomorrow is my second wedding anniversary and it is also the second anniversary that my husband and I apart. He has ended the marriage for good before the second anniversary. I pray that I have the strength to go through this. In Jesus name. Amen

  10. abandonment

    I am 6 months pregnant and been married almost two years my husband has left and he says he is divorcing me. I ray for strength because i want my marriage healed.

  11. let go of our marriage or fight

    I found ur website. Its helpful for ppl like me leaning toward a correct resolution. My husband n I was together ten months when we married. We was n church and our lives were great. Three months later I was sentenced to pull one year for DOC. My husband wasn’t there for me and I’ve tried really hard to let go of that resentment. Problem is, neither of us are the same since I came home 10 months ago. Weve tried to stick it out and hope things return to the way it was before my incarceration. We have absolutely no affection between us. He wants me to give my medicine to him and when I don’t, he’s ready to leave. To make this short, we r living apart because he says I’m selfish. I won’t give him my prescribed medicine so he said he is done with me. I’m assuming when he said hed c me n court he wants a divorce. We both are each others 3rd spouse. I don’t want to divorce. I feel like I deserve to be shown love and for him to work and provide for us. Please pray for us to see that we can’t màke it without one another. Wes and Brandi. Thank u.

  12. pray for a broken marriage

    My name is Hilda Ramos I’ve being married for about 6 years !! My husband and I have being separated for about 1 month and his being dating someone else! It seems like they are pretty serious! I love my husband I am dying to run back to him . Please pray for us ! Please pray for our marriage! I feel lost without him! We have a 5 year old autistic son ! I have a daughter of my own who is 10 years old and they are affected by the separation! Please god help me ! Help us stay together!

  13. Praying for my husbands return

    My husband left our marriage over a year ago, I’ve been standing strong for our marriage. I know he is in affair and I’m praying for God to turn her away, for hedge surround my husband and his ears closed to her, and heart turned back on the lord and our marriage. Sometimes I feel like all my family , friends just want me to walk away, I cant, I love him so much! My husband texts me everyday he loves me, but hasnt returned to our marriage, remains angry, cold , distant at times. So many details that I’m skipping, because the most important thing right now is my marriage and my husband, I miss him so much, please all I ask is for some prayers, they tell me power of two and three, my marriage needs string prayer warriors please, true God miracle!!!! I need prayers, I miss him, I love my husband I believe in God and his power, please pray for my husband Ronnie to open his heart to God, me and our marriage:(…. Thank you

  14. Praying for my husbands return

    My husband left our marriage over a year ago, I’ve been standing strong for our marriage. I know he is in affair and I’m praying for God to turn her away, for hedge surround my husband and his ears closed to her, and heart turned back on the lord and our marriage. Sometimes I feel like all my family , friends just want me to walk away, I cant, I love him so much! My husband texts me everyday he loves me, but hasnt returned to our marriage, remains angry, cold , distant at times. So many details that I’m skipping, because the most important thing right now is my marriage and my husband, I miss him so much, please all I ask is for some prayers, they tell me power of two and three, my marriage needs string prayer warriors please, true God miracle!!!! I need prayers, I miss him, I love my husband I believe in God and his power, please pray for my husband Ronnie to open his heart to God, me and our marriage:(…. Thank you

  15. Lord heal my marriage

    I and my husband still live in the same house but he already told me he’s tired of my lies. since we got married i never cheated on him but he thought i did. intact, we have had a lot of issues in the past. but the thing is that i still love him and i know he loved me, don’t know about now cos i have been crying for forgiveness but he refused and asked for divorce which i don’t want.
    I need your prayers for God to touch him to forgive me so he doesn’t run away living me & my baby behind. am so pained right now cos i lost my mum months ago. I need your prayers, help me.

  16. prayer to bring my husband back with us

    My husband and I been married for 10 years.just recently a month ago he walk out on our marriages. I really love my husband with all my heart and I really want him back in our life. We have 3 kids together who are 8 years old, 6 years old and our little one who is 3. My kids are getting affected with all this things that are going on. My kids are still hoping that daddy will come back home before christmas. Please pray that my husband realize that his wife and kids miss him and love him. I honestly don’t know if there’s a third party but please God keep that girl away from my husband and don’t allow him to make a mistake and regret.

  17. Prayers to save my marriage.

    Please pray that my husband learns the word of God, is able to open his heart and hear God! He has left and is pushing for a divorce. We have been married for 15 years, his lack of faith in the lord and living in his free will are causing him to live in sin. I still love him and want our marriage to work.

    He is a good man and is being tempted and controlled by list and the flesh. May he find revelation and repent for his sins.

    God bless him and save him, I love him and want our marriage to be as it started off.


  18. My husband has fallen out of love

    Please keep my husband and I in your prayers. We’ve been married 6 years and he’s told me he feels nothing but friendship.i have faith in the Lord that he will touch my husband’s heart and reunite us. My husband does not pray or believe in God, please pray that he finds Jesus and we can continue our lives together.

  19. praying for a miracle

    My husband and i have been together for 15 yrs, married for 7. We have had our ups n downs before and even separated briefly, but nothing serious. Within a day or two we would be back like newlyweds. But this time is different. ..we have two kids and he wants to talk to them tomorrow because he is leaving our nest. There’s nothing i can say, promise or do. He is determined. I’m praying to God almighty that tomorrow he has a change of heart. I love him very much and this family needs him. Our friends and family members are going to b shocked at the news of this separation, we never so much as seemed mad in public in 15 yrs and now this. Please help me pray for my husband. Let his hardened heart be soften and analyze the situation. We can get through this together.

  20. Let go and let God

    It happened to me to, but God had been trying to get my attention for years but I ignore. God is a Jealous God that wants to be put first before everything,even before your husband. Remember we must have relation with God, the God that knows all and will do anything for us. I promise you if marriage didn’t get shake I would never be with God like I am now. It time to trust God cause man will let you down which is going to bring us to God. Women we are special and God wants nothing but the best for us. Don’t give up on God cause he wont give up on you and trust me when my husband walked out 2 months after we got married I thought I was gonna die. I just thought it was him just leaving but as time went on God showed me that his mother put black magic on him to keep him away from me because she wanted to control him, but the God i serve said not so and i will deliver him and set him free just keep obeying me. Im here to tell you that god will Intervene and he will fix it, who and what can stop God? I’m still standing and stronger but I got to know God in the dark places of life and now God is turning my marriage around right now. It was all for my good And don’t listen to what everyone has to say about the marriage god has put u in, listen to God. Also i stay around a lot of prayer warriors that knows how to pray and get a answer from God. God said when two or three are gathered in my name I am in the mist. One mighty woman of God that prayed for my marriage and still praying for me Bishop Jones she prays for ppl all over the world doing what God has put in her to do. Call Bishop 803-783-1044

  21. I love him

    My husband and I was married for 1 year. He walked out on me and I did not have a clue he was going to do this to me. We argued just about every other day about his children and his lies he would tell me. I asked him the day before he left the house did he wanna stay married and he said yes (me not knowing he was planning on leaving me). My husband have very bad mood swings. He left the house and now treats me like I am something on the bottom of his shoe. I am struggling so hard to understand why he did this to me and why is he treating me so bad. He would not call to check on me to see how I am doing. I pray to God that whatever I have done to him, please forgive me and bring my husband back home. I asked that anyone who reads this PLEASE pray for my husband, that whatever demons that are attacking him form him and bring him to God so that God can bring him back to me. I have been praying for some type of sign that my husband would call or at least come home, and I just don’t see one.

    Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

  22. LLyn

    My story is similar to some of these. My husband and has been married for 8 years he walked out my life a month now. I have been begging him to come back home but he seems so bitter towards me, he doesn’t call or anything. He told me to find someone else and move on with my life and that he doesn’t love me like that anymore. I have been praying to God constantly to restore love back into the heart of my husband and return him home. My nights are so lonely and I don’t have friends like that. I am still hoping that God answer my prayer and return my husband back to me. Please pray for my husband and I and that God will restore our marriage and bring him back home.

  23. I pray for my marriage & my family

    Lord I have faith & beleive in you, I put my 17yr marriage in your hands. My husband is going through something says he feels his heart is stoned & his soul is broken & feels he needs to leave to fix himself, I now myself feel my soul is broken because of everything he says. we have to kids & they will be devastated if he leaves I love him so much too I pray Lord that he turns to you for help & that he tries couseling with me I pray he doesnt leave & that we both can work this out & change to be better people to each other & the best parents we can be.. Help me Lord to to take care of myself during these sad times cause sometimes I feel so weak & want to give up 🙁 In Jesus name I pray Amen!!

  24. Please Let Me Have My Husband Back

    My husband left me just a few days ago. I’m so heartbroken and shattered. I love him and want us to be a family. He refuses and says he no longer loves me. He moved 800 miles away. I pray that God restores what we once had. Amen.

  25. Prayers for restoration

    Father in Heaven place the disire in my husband Luis heart to want to save our marriage and honor the promise we made to you. Help him to fall in love with me all over again and please don’t allow negative, ungodly voices to speak to him. Soften his heart Lord please. I promise to always put you first. I don’t want to live in sin. Please don’t allow the enemy to win this battle. Change our wrong, sinful ways. Bring unity and restoration into our marriage. Father please let his mother give him good Godly advice and silence the enemies. I give our marriage to you Lord, please heal us. Thank you God, i will will forevermore remember how you saved me yet again. I promise to seek Godly counsel, spend time with you and open my heart for healing and living a Godly life. Please dear Father, answer my petition in the Holy name of your son Jesus Christ. And by faith I call this done.

  26. heal my marriage

    Father I come to you my marriage is broken and I love him and I know he loves me but we have one person that is always standing in our way of being happy and always causing us grief problems. please help save my marriage and pray that in my husbands jessies heart that he can forgive me and open his eyes and realize that person needs to stop alwayscoming in between us put our relation marriage before her. I don’t want out 21 year marriage to be over and I know he doesn’t either.

  27. Pray to restore my marriage

    Please pray for my marriage to be saved. My husband has been unfaithful to me and our family. He has turned away from me ,our kids and God. Please pray God would convict his heart and make him realize the grass is not greener on the other. Pray my husband will come home to us. Pray that God show him that I do love him and I forgive him. God has made us as one flesh when we said our vows. My husband needs to love me (his wife) just like Jesus loved the church. Pray to God that he casts out any demons in my husband that has made him turn away from God, me and his kids. Please pray to restore my broken marriage and make stronger then it ever has been.

  28. I want my Marriage

    My Wife left me Dec. 7th 2015. We had a beautiful night of Love on the 6th of Dec. Kiss each other that morning and she left. She call me at 2:30 that day to say she was moving into a group home. We had no arguments no fights she just up and left. Her Job let her go because of her background but I have always had her back. Went to visit her and she said she was not coming home. Jesus send my wife home…I Love her with all my heart. I am heartbroken, cry all the time because I Loved her. Only God can fix this. Please pray for me. I been knock down but not out. Still I trust in the Lord with all my heart.

  29. Broken marriage

    Good Evening.

    Plse pray with me for my marriage. My husband told me last night that he doesn’t want to be with any more and this after 12yrs of marriage. He hates me. The reason he is cheating and betraying me.

    Last year I nearly took my life because of this but through the Grace of our Heavenly Father I did not succeed.

    I went for counceling where I realized that he is a Narcistic Person.
    Since I come back he just pretend that nothing has happened and he doesn’t talk about what happened. He is always blaming my religion, friends and work.
    God needs to guide me through this


  30. Is it really worth it.

    Me and my ex did not have the best marriage because of unfaithfulness; lies and money issues. We are currently roomates for the sake of our children and I love my kids having both parents in the house. Me ex does have a few females that he does talk to and etc but I hate it. My ex tried to get back with me for 2 years and because of trust issues I said no but recently I told him I wanted to try again but he said in his mind he is done with me. I have been praying for God to put us back together but it seems like my ex lies and the other women is his thing and he lies to everyone. I have tried to move on but I want my marriage restored but am I praying for the impossible or is God punnishing me?

  31. I love my husband but he don't want me.

    My husband have decided that he wants a divorce and I am so hurt and confused. We have been together for 8 years and married for 7 and I truly felt that he was God sent to me. He is saying that he have been unhappy and on edge in our marriage for 6 years but he never showed that to me and he never communicated that to me therefore I always thought that he was so in love and happy with me despite me being broken, sad, and angry due to my upbringing. but now he is asking for a divorce without trying to work things out it’s like he went from I love you and you are my everything to please sign these paper right now because I have nothing for you over night. I really don’t know what to do or how to response because I’m so confused, hurt and angry because I made a commitment when I said I do. I have sat in the background for years patiently supporting and uplifting him through his journey in life and now that I’m finding my own way he wants out. I don’t know what to do but I do know I love my husband and that I made a vow to him through thick and thin, sickness and health, good or bad and I want to save our marriage, so please pray for my marriage to heal, for my husband understanding and for my strength to keep fighting because I truly believe God put us together.

  32. Please Pray for me

    My husband of 4 years says he doesn’t love me anymore, I have tried to tell him I still need him but he is relentless and determined to leave me…I do t want to lose him, Please Pray for me.

  33. pray for me

    my husband live the house for 14 days hr took a break from me and my daughter he say he doesn’t heat me or love me. i wish he back and love me throw Jesus name … i wish that our home full of praying and worship god ..
    he say that soon he will know if he want to contain or end this marriage. i hope we stay together .. he is good man..
    yes there a lot of stuff i don’t like it but jesus can chane him and me …. please pray for me .

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