Answered Prayers in the Bible

There are many accounts of answered prayers in the bible. The fact is that God has always been in the business of answering prayers.

It is not uncommon for Christians ” even Christians with a long walk with God ” to feel doubt when praying.

No matter how many times God has come through for you in the past, it still seems doubtful that the Creator of the Universe would take the time to hear and answer your prayers.

Lets go over some stories of answered prayers in the bible.

Hannah Prays for a Baby

I Samuel, chapters 1 and 2

Hannah desperately wanted a child. In those days,
a woman could not go to the doctor to learn the reason for her infertility.

Instead, being unable to have a baby was considered a shame and a curse.
Hannah cried out to God in such a raw, emotional way that the priest who
heard her prayers actually thought that she was drunk. But she wasnt.

She was desperate, and she knew that the only one with the power to give
her the desire of her heart was the Lord.

God heard Hannah and her prayer touched the Lord so much that He was moved
to give her a child. As promised, Hannah gave her child back to the Lord and
Samuel grew up to become a great prophet.

Elijah Prays for God to Prove His Power

I Kings 18:20-40

Elijah was frustrated with those who worshipped Baal, and wanted very much
for the one true God to prove His power in front of the followers of Baal.

After those followers tried unsuccessfully to call down fire from their god,
Elijah prayed a very simple prayer. He asked that God would send down fire
and consume the altar.

God answered that prayer in a powerful way and all of the followers of Baal
who were present had no choice but to confess the power of the Lord.

David Prays for Forgiveness

Psalms 51

One prayer that every Christian will pray at one time or another is
the prayer for forgiveness. This is also the type of prayer that can be very difficult
to believe that God will answer.

When you sin, it is easy to feel far from God, but looking to the example
of David can be a wonderful reminder about the power of Gods forgiveness.

David had committed adultery and then had a man killed in an attempt to
cover his sin. When he fully realized what he had done, he became broken before God,
and one of the most heartfelt prayers in the Bible, Psalms 51, was written.

God did forgive David for his sins, and David went on to live for God for
the rest of his days and remained, as the Bible called him, a man after Gods own heart.

Does God Always Answer Prayers?

While the above are good examples of God answering prayers in the bible,
it is important to remember that sometimes God says no.

This doesnt mean that he hasnt answered. It just means that He sees the
big picture and knows what is best for you in the long run.

God has always loved His people. Also, keep a journal about the prayers that
He has answered for you. All of this will work together to increase your faith
and make you even more pleasing in the eyes of the Lord.

Do you have a good story about god interceding on your behalf?