Car trouble’s

Father God in the name of Jesus, I calling you today God as I am burdened with stress about my car. I have taking my car to the dealership to get fixed, and these mechanics are supposed to be very knowledgeable in my make and model of car. They have no idea what is the … Continue reading “Car trouble’s”


I need a place to live. I have been homeless for quite sometime an i am at my end of it. I have faith. It seems if it isnt one thing its another. I had the money to pay for the place to live too. Now i was cut off by unfairness. I am currently … Continue reading “Shelter”

Celtic Prayers

Celtic prayers originated from the Celts, an ancient people who populated the British Isles. The Celts existed in the early middle ages and preceded the dawn of the Reformation of the Church. Although they were not Christian, they were a deeply spiritual people who were very respectful of the forces of Nature, and their prayers … Continue reading “Celtic Prayers”