Car trouble’s

Father God in the name of Jesus, I calling you today God as I am burdened with stress about my car. I have taking my car to the dealership to get fixed, and these mechanics are supposed to be very knowledgeable in my make and model of car. They have no idea what is the … Continue reading “Car trouble’s”


I need a place to live. I have been homeless for quite sometime an i am at my end of it. I have faith. It seems if it isnt one thing its another. I had the money to pay for the place to live too. Now i was cut off by unfairness. I am currently … Continue reading “Shelter”

Growing taller

Please pray for me so that I may grow taller I am a 16 male and I went through puberty early so my growth plates may be closing soon I’m 5,3”and I’m pretty sure because of things that I have done I messed up my height myself and I really regret it please pray for … Continue reading “Growing taller”

Prayer for the Nation

Please pray for the overturning of the illegal and fraudulent election that just took place. Pray for truth and justice to prevail on behalf of the people of the United States who overwhelmingly voted in Donald Trump as our president. Ask God not to allow this Deepstate actor and the Occultic Communist powers behind him … Continue reading “Prayer for the Nation”

Deliver us from Babylon

Pray that the fire and wrath of God will straight up burn the fema camps if they’re meant for anything like what does what done in World World 2 so if anyone has to die they’ll legit have to do it quick, effective, & painless and look us dead in the fucking eyes if the … Continue reading “Deliver us from Babylon”


In the name of the father the son and the holy spirit, today has been a day that i feel an enduring pressure of responsibility, a day where everyday tasks and chores are in urgent need of attention but at the same time, family members and friends are too in need of the same attention, … Continue reading “patience”


It seems that I have become this inpatient, prideful person. These things are not indicative of a Christian. Please pray with me in asking God to help me remove these behaviors and to honor Him always.I’m short and display little forbearance and that is not my character. We are living in unprecedented times and the … Continue reading “Obedience”


Heavenly Father thank you for Allowing me just one more day. Lord Jesus please forgive me for my known and Unknown sins. Father God my mind feel really different this morning. I seem distant from you. Lord please help my mind always stay focus on you. Capture my thoughts so I’m reminded to only think … Continue reading “Mind”

Jesus Christ

Hello, my name is Lesedi Chingwena please pray for me that the Lord Jesus Christ my visit me that I may hear the voice of the Lord clearly and audibly every day that he may give me wisdom and revelation, his fruits, that he may lead me not into temptation, that he may give me … Continue reading “Jesus Christ”

height difficulties

hi, I am 15 years old and i am in year 10 and i am 1.59m i go to an all boys school and all my friends are all around the 6 foot mark. i constantly get teased and ridiculed for my height, i even get laughed at by most people who have just met … Continue reading “height difficulties”

Evil Within

Removal of the evil spirits inside my apartment. A previous tenant was murdered here.

I Would Like To Grow in height

Hello. I’m short and I’ve been short for a while. I would love if you could pray that I grow to 6”2. I am a girl and my dream is to play basketball professionally. Please pray that I grow by the time I’m 19!! Thank you. God bless! ❤️


Dear lord, you have always been with me throughout my struggles and have always protected me. I pray that you may make me taller. I stand at 5.4 feet (165cm) all my life. Now at the age of 23, I have lost all my confidence and driving into depression. I have been doing stretching exercises … Continue reading “Height”


Please pray for my friend Rocy Jean that God will bless her with peace and strength as she grieve in the loss of her husband. Also pray that God will make a way to bring her deceased husband body back to the philippines sooner. He passed on December 29 in the hospital in China and … Continue reading “Healing”


lord i come to you as humble as i know how praying for my marriage we have been married for such a short time less than year.i prayed to you lord for my husband and he prayed diligently for a wife and you blessed us but our joy has been so short i pray lord … Continue reading “Marriage”


Lord i come to you as HUMBLE as i know how praying for my marriage we have been married for such a short time less than year.i prayed to you Lord for my husband and He prayed diligently for a wife and you blessed us but our joy has been so short i pray Lord … Continue reading “Marriage”

Going to heaven without me dying

Please pray for me to go to heaven without me dying tonight. God’s freaking me out by not taking me to heaven without me dying tonight. God fools himself if he doesn’t take me to heaven without me dying tonight. I fool myself if I don’t go to heaven without me dying tonight.

Open Tim’s eyes

My son Tim is trying to get help for his addiction but sadly he doesn’t believe in God, please pray that he would learn the truth. God bless.

I need help. Please pray for me

Dear Lord I’m not I’m my proper headspace right now. I’m depressed and worry too much about work (I am resigning effective next month) and the future of my family. I need your help and guidance please. Please take away my worries and help me deal with my day to day issues. Thank you

A Home to Save

Father God in heaven, Prince of Love, thank you for your blessings, past, and future. Please guard this house, give me time Jesus to move like you’re telling me to. Give me the courage to face my obstacles. Knowing you are with me always. Forgive me of my sins and indiscretions. In Jesus precious name, Amen


Please pray for God to stop my snoring. It’s taking a toll on Drew’s sleep

Guidance & Wisdom

Father God I ask for our guidance and wisdom to the decision that I made leaving my job. I know and I believe that you had a better plan for me. I know you will never leave me nor forsake me. Be with me always Lord throughout my journey towards my success in looking for … Continue reading “Guidance & Wisdom”


I pray that may God help me grow spiritually, physically at least by adding me 5 inches of height.

General prayer

Life is not going as I want it to be due to which I have harbored some wrong addictive habits.Please pray for me that all my destructive habits are broken and miracles may happen in my life so that I can live a life of happiness,fulfillment ,full of love and service to others. Pray to … Continue reading “General prayer”


Pray for my mothers recovery

Helping the poor

There is an provincial election in June in Ontario Canada. I am praying for the Liberals because they are generous to the low income families. Please help the poor. Luke 6:20-21 Then he looked up at his disciples and said: ‘Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. Blessed are … Continue reading “Helping the poor”

Strength in friendship

Dear Lord Father in Heaven, I pray today that you give me the strength to forgive those as you have forward them and give my friends and family the strength to forgive me. I know that I am a difficult person to deal with at times and I pray for the strength to grow out … Continue reading “Strength in friendship”

Height Increase

I pray to my Lord that I may grow in height, I’m only 19 years of age so I’m not too sure if my growing is over. However, I still feel self-conscious about myself as the people around me are always taller. I’m 5′ 6″ as of now, almost turning 20 and I know that … Continue reading “Height Increase”

Help Me Use Today

Yesterday slipped fast away. Lord, help me better use today. Lord, my *friend is in some pain; Make him well and whole again. *”Friend” can be substituted with “spouse”, “child”, etc., for those who wish to use my prayer, too.

Personal Assistant

Dear St. Joseph, please help me find a Personal Assistant. Thank you.

for height increase

father my height is short 5″0 and age 21 i’m depresed for height because all people say small please pray for my height increase

Morning Fare

Dawn has broken, Night is past; Now we’re facing our repast. Food to wake us, Give us strength, Help us through the new day’s length. Lord, we thank You for this fare, Brought to us with loving care.

Celtic Prayers

Celtic prayers originated from the Celts, an ancient people who populated the British Isles. The Celts existed in the early middle ages and preceded the dawn of the Reformation of the Church. Although they were not Christian, they were a deeply spiritual people who were very respectful of the forces of Nature, and their prayers … Continue reading “Celtic Prayers”