Protection against evil and safegaurding my boyfriend and our home

by C. DS D'a S (South Africa)

Dear Lord, our Heavenly Father,

I come before You to give You Honor, Praise and Thanks. I pray in Jesus Name that You release me from this evil that has been brought upon me,this evil that keeps playing with my mind and trying to get me to push away the AMAZING perfection of a man You have blessed me with. I pray in Jesus Name that you protect my boyfriend,my children and our home from all seen and unseen spirits who wish to go against You,for there is nothing more Powerfull the You.

I pray in Jesus Name that You protect this amazing perfection of a man{FS} you have blessed me with,and help me to make him as happy as he has made me. Protect us both against unfaithfullness,temptations and dishonesty, for I have vowed my entire being to this man and pray You help that he does the same.

I pray that You keep my children safe and give them the true understanding that myself and my man will always be there – Lastly I ask that You bless me and my boyfriend with the gift of his own child/children as there is no better gift I can give him. Please also help me find a job and be successfull again.

I pray all this in Jesus Name.

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