prayer to win a jackpot prize in Philippine lotto draw

Dear God you know how thankful I am for having you in my life,your always there for me when i need help,when i need someone to cry on when Im down and lost,you always grant my prayer and i know that you did not leave me everyday of my life..

God you know that i believe in you that nothing is impossible with you as you say that whatever we ask in prayer,believing,I will receive. God you know that sometime in our life we commit sins and I ask for the forgiveness of our sins and with your help to renew our life to become a better person that you want us to be,

please grant my prayer request to win jackpot prize in Philippine lotto draw.I tried so many ways but i know that its you who can make all things possible.and i claim it that you will grant my prayer because I believe in your power.and please Lord do not let me and my child to be apart because of I have opportunity to go abroad and

i dont want to leave my child in someone else care,and I have a pledge that as soon as i receive your blessings i will share it to others who are in great needs.and also Lord I pray for the renewal of our nation who destroyed by the recent typhoon that there still hope and believe that they can overcome the present situation.I ask this through Christ our Lord Amen…