Prayer to succeed in Love and to give positive reply to my proposal.

Dear Loving God, Father in Heaven and Creator of all mankind. Kindly turn your ears and eyes towards me. From the beginning of my life till today i have struggled alot in tears. My days are sorrowful with tears and full of pain. Amongst these pain my days seems to long. I am praying to succeed in my love and my rest of my part should accept my proposal. Praying that he should give a positive reply soon. Above father help me in his critical situation shower us your blessing from your divine heart which shed blood to cleance our sins. Let your HolyDivine power help us to join our hands in relationship soon as possible. I have no one to ask for help loving father help me and protect me from all the doubts that arise from my side. Loving father i ask you to be my soul helper in making my Love (marriage) successful one.

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