Prayer to restore my soul

by Mafe (China)

Dear Jesus,

I pray to you today. I know I am not alone, for you have put family members of the church community near me so I can now that even in the distance we can pray and support each other.

You know my inner most being, you know what needs to be restored and healed. Please forgive me for believing I can do this alone, in my own force. I know you never intended me to feel lonely and depressed. I know you want to heal me more than I want to be healed.

I want to LORD, so I can serve you and give YOU the glory of the restoration in my soul. Your thoughts upon me have ALWAYS been filled with hope. And you never let go, LORD, even in the darkest time you never do.

Please vanish and cast away the spirit of depression from me and all those who look out for you for healing. I love you LORD, and in my humbleness I search for you.

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