Prayer to help my brother find the job God has meant for him

by Deepa (India)

Dear God,

I write to you today to help, guide and lead my brother to the job you have tailor made for him. A job that helps him utilize the talents and skills you have bestowed on him, a job that fulfills all his material and financial needs and helps him take care of his own much as you take care of him, a job that brings him abundance in health, wealth and happiness.

He is a good son, brother and husband, his family (we) are concerned about his situation and loss of job, but we know that you in your divine wisdom have a plan for him that will bring him to greener pastures and, that will help him grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and financially, that will beign him to get to know you better.

Our loving father, I thankyou for all the past years of fruitful employment that you blessed my brother with. We were so lost in enjoying the blessings that we may have forgotten to be grateful, but I bow down and say sorry and beg to please forgive our ungratefulness. Please father, show us that you heart is melted and that you will bless him with an even better future

And in the meanwhile, untill you see it fit to manifest this blessing in his life, dear father, please cover in in your Armour of faith, love and protection so that despair and disappointment do not even remotely cross our minds and even if they do, they are immediately destroyed by your divine presence in our lives.

We thankyou dear father for bringing us so much joy and prosperity and we wait on your continuous blessings and your guidance leads us to walk on the path you have chosen for us.

In jesus name I pray dear lord, hear our humble request 🙂

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