Prayer to be Relieved from Debts to the IRS

by At My End (MA)

Dear St. Jude, helper of those in lost cases, please hear my prayer and present my pleas to our Lord God.

I am need of a miracle to help me be relieved of financial debt to the IRS.

I only wish to be saved from my debts. Any abundance provided to me from the Father of Lights, our Lord God, will be put to use helping those less fortunate than I.

Please dear Lord, hear my cries and the cries of all others this day who are in need of relief from the persecution of the greedy and bring relief for those in need.

I pray My God, that you will hear my prayer and bring me forth into the Light, annointing my head with oil, and bring my cup to overflow.

I am in desperate straits, and I fear losing my loved ones because of these debts.

Dear Lord, I pray in Your Name, and in Jesus’ name for financial relief.

Thank You Lord for all that you have provided for me in this life. Please provide for me now, in my desperation.

Yes, God. Thank You, God. I love you, God!