Prayer of forgiveness from my spouse

by Marcia (Kalamazoo, MI USA)


I ask that you would help find forgiveness for my husband for the lies that I told him. I did not mean to hurt his heart and I ask for your forgivness. I ask you Lord that you would turn my husband back toward me, that he would see his commitment and vows that we stood before you and took with our whole hearts. He is a good man and I ask that you would touch his heart so that he can again see the good in me, as we once were and help him to understand that I was scared when I lied because I was afraid of losing him. I pray you would touch him in such a way that he his anger would banish and the love would once again surface, not only for me but for the children. I have asked for your forgivenss of my sins and I pray Lord, that he would realize that forgiveness is the answer.

I pray that he could once again see the wonderful, beautiful unity that you brought together and how much I love him. Please bless us so that he does not leave our family. Bring forgiveness and your Holy Spirit to him as only you can. I know it’s in your time God, but I don’t have much time before he leaves, so I pray to you that you would reach out and touch is heart today.

I trust in you and I believe in you and I love you. Amen

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