Prayer for the Jobless

by Dennis (Phra Khanong, Bangkok, Thailand)

Heavenly father, We adore and glorify Your name for all the blessings and talents we recieved from you. Because of it, we were able to express our deep devotion to you through our hardwork and diligence. We are very thankful for all the work and opportunities you provided us in the past that allowed us to grow and experience honor and personal fulfillment.

We still thank you Lord for the time that we are unemployed. We know that you use this time to communicate with us, to realize what we need to improve, and to correct us our wrong doings. We know that during this time of no work, you wants us to rest so that when the time comes, we are in perfect condition to excel and hail you once again.

Oh my Lord, as we wait for that right time, may we not exhaust our faith. Please Forgive us Lord for being impatient and lack of trust in you cause by the frustrations of being unfruitful and rejections. May we not feel pressured by our financial obligations for we know you provide your graces abundantly. Teach us to be humble in this time of crisis and patience for the glorious opportunities ahead.

Let us not forget my Lord those people who really in need of the job as soon as possible for other people rely on them such as the sick and those parents raising their children. May they/we find job easily and may we find the job that best matches our qualification, a job that is decent, away from opression.

We will always look ahead on that day of productivity, and fulfillment that in no time, you will provide us opportunity and work that will support our living as you always do to us. In this we claim in the name of Jesus your son, our provider, our saviour specially at times of needs.

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