Prayer for Passing Job Exam and Immediate Interview

by Lightworker (Philippines)

Lord God, Father Almighty of Heaven and Earth, may you bless my job exam that I would pass it and eventually I would undergo final interview in this company that I applied.Let your Holy Spirit will choose me as the right candidate for the job. May you touch those people who manage the recruitment that they will feel me as the best person for the job offered.

Bless me spiritually so that i would be more prepare and enthusiast in this job that I want.Heal my personality so that I will change from within.Bless that company, that they continue to be successful and may I also be successful in this position. Let your will be it done unto me according to your will.Jesus Christ, keep me always in safe from harmful situation.In this moment of my loneliness, comfort me and heal me from spiritual hunger.Lord of hope, may I always be hopeful in every situation and peaceful in every aspect of my life.

Blessed Mother Mary, St. Anthony de Padua, our patron saint, may you lead me to Jesus and watch me every now and then.

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