Prayer for my wife’s forgiveness for breaking her trust in me

by Marshall (Louisiana)

Heavenly Father,

I pray to you for Your forgiveness for having destroyed my wife’s faith and trust in me. I have committed adultery in her eyes, and in my heart, by seeking companionship in internet chat rooms. I have let my addiction to the internet ruin our marriage.

We had been emotionally distant from each other for the past several months and I would go online in search of needing to feel wanted. Although I did not commit sins of the flesh with anyone since we have been together, I have committed sins of the heart that I want to atone for.

I am wrong for having hurt her so and I am deeply ashamed of myself. I should have given her my full attention as a loving husband should do. I pray to you for Your forgiveness and I ask that you speak gently to my wife’s heart so that she will know that I am truly sorry for what I have done.

I pray that someday she will be able to forgive me too and that healing can take place in our marriage.
She has left our home and is living apart from me. She says that she needs time but doesn’t know if she wants to help save our marriage. I pray that by Your grace, Father, we can reconcile and restore our marriage. I vow to give up my sinful internet activities completely and never return to the sin that destroyed my wife’s love for me. I also vow to be a faithful and loving husband to her always. Please God, give me a second chance to be a better husband to her.

I pray for my wife to find it in her heart to forgive me and for her to decide that our marriage is worth saving. I resolve, with your help, to overcome my internet addiction and my personal demons and become the husband that you want me to be and the husband that she deserves. I love my wife with all of my heart and I am so sorry for being stupid because I was lonely.

I make my most solemn promise to you, and to her, that I will never hurt her like this ever again. Please Father, forgive me for the sins of my heart that have destroyed my marriage and my wife’s faith and trust in me.
In the name of Jesus,